Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well that was interesting.

I had an eventful weekend. On Saturday I did my first ever craft show. It was at the Waldorf School in Eugene, and it was fine, except for the weather. At first the rain was just a slow, steady drum on my canopy, but in the afternoon, it turned into a lashing, blowing storm that soaked my displays. The teachers and parents started moving their face painting, bag toss and food booths inside and all the vendors started to pack up. Sure, the fair was supposed to go until four, but no one was sticking around that long. Just as we were about to take the canopy down, a huge gust blew it up and over and it landed on a fence. Good from a containment standpoint, bad from a non rip standpoint. It tore a hole right in the thing. Glad I bought it used. Of course, Eugene being Eugene, once all the vendors were packed up, the sun came out. No one made moves to unpack, though. I did make some sales and handed out some cards, and while I didn't sell any of my Tile pendants, they were a huge hit. Everyone read the blurb I posted and asked lots of questions and told me it was a wonderful, creative idea, so that was nice. All in all I think I'll count it as a success and a good learning experience. I had a great time and it's so nice to interact with customers, rather than only having an internet transaction. Definitely something I plan on doing in the future.

On Sunday I ran the Eugene Half Marathon while K ran the Marathon. It was great fun. Okay, it was fun for awhile and character building the rest of the time. I ran the exact same pace I did for the last half I ran last November. While it may look like that means no progress, it actually means I was in better shape, as this time I was still battling a chest cold. My legs were killing me yesterday and I was hobbling around like an old lady. Every time I got up I screamed like a warrior going into battle, since my quads felt like they were going to explode with each exertion. Good times!

I took yesterday off and just sat around and read. Oh, alright, I also listed some cuff links. I'm kind of bad at taking a day completely off!

Have a great day!

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