Friday, March 26, 2010

Good (yawn) morning!

Please bear with me this morning. I usually write blog posts later in the day when I'm a bit more awake but today I'm trying to be Productive. You know, when you get so much done it requires a capital letter? I need to be Productive because I have been severely unproductive all week. I made one piece of jewelry, I did not run at all, I did one weight work out and I did almost no promotion-y type stuff. I did however get taxation stuff done. Of course, this was accomplished by simply unvolunteering from the Streamlined Sales Tax system because I was sick of being harrassed by states who wanted me to report to them once a month and tell them I didn't sell anything in their state. It's possible I'm missing something about the whole thing, but it didn't seem very streamlined to me.

My allergies have been making me ridiculous this week and I fully blame them for my lack of initiative. They got so bad I made an appointment to see an allergist in Louisville. An allergist who was very confused by why I wanted to get tested for Juniper, which hasn't started pollinating there yet. But made the appointment I did. How I'm going to get a year worth of shots when I'm going to be moving every two months is beyond me, but the very nice nurse did say the serum can be mailed. Alternately, we could stay in once place for two years and get desensitized to allergens and get braces, which both of us need. I wonder how long it would take us to go bonkers. It would be nice if we liked the weather and culture in some place where we had significant quantity of family and friends, but this is not the case. I guess we'll see.

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that I got my Droid. I love it. It is so freaking cool. Now keep in mind that I went from an EnVII (a phone with a keyboard and web capabilities but not a full on smartphone) to the Motorola Droid. It was a pretty big jump to have all kinds of apps and craziness. It has GPS, it has Shazam (which I will have to resist using at pub trivia,) it has games, book reader and, and, and... and a lot. I kind of adore the touch screen, which surprised me. The camera a little touchy, but I may just be getting used to it, so we'll see. I can only assume there's a blogger app for it, since it's a Google Android phone and Blogger is a Google app. Perhaps I'll be able to send pithy updates from my phone and you'll get to see random scenery. For now you'll have to settle for this picture of Chimney Rock, NC. Pretty, huh? And good photo quality, I think. Very different than Chimney Rock, NE, where we went way back when in 2005. Back when we lived in a van and were traversing the country as young, crazy kids. Come May, we'll have been vagabonds for 5 years. Craziness. Here's Chimney Rock, NE so you can make your own comparisons. Feel free to poke around the blog and see where we've been.

Anyway, happy Friday!

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