Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Product Review and bit of Sisters of Mercy

Lately I've had some pain in my hands and wrists, and yesterday my hands were so weak I could barely grip anything. I kept dropping stuff and generally feeling clumsy. I realized that the wear and tear of using two pairs of pliers for a good part of the day, stringing beads and gripping little tiny objects, combined with typing and using the mouse was giving me carpal tunnel. In my years as a secretary I never got carpal tunnel, but now I am!

By chance I had seen some crafter's gloves made by F.A. Edmunds at Michael's when I was buying crack, uh, I mean embroidery floss. So many colors... drool... sorry, where was I? Oh, right, my gloves. Today I went back and bought a pair. I was bit put out by the price ($9.99, for one glove!) but I tried one on and my pain went away. Whoa! Totally worth it! $8.50 online, if you're so inclined, but it was buy them now or have another unproductive day of pain. Hmmm....

I got home and suited up, and I'm so happy with them. They're like support hose material. There are four finger holes; one for the thumb, one for index, one for ring and middle and one for pinky. They're comfortably tight and they really help my hands. I don't feel like I'm doing permanent damage now. I do feel a teed bit silly in them, since they're basically wristlets but frumpy looking. Along the lines of orthapedic platform goth boots. What's really great is that I also have a pair of black fishnet goth wristlets. Which do you think I should wear to the Sisters of Mercy show?
Bottom line: they let me get my work done in an almost miraculous fashion. I was cranking out jewelry with mad abandon this afternoon. Yes!!

Oh, and since I didn't have MTV when I was younger, and YouTube didn't exist, I had never seen their videos. I still love them (okay, him, Andrew Eldritch) but, wow.


  1. I remember watching the Sisters on tv here back in the day (when I was quite a bit younger !)...awesome music...