Monday, March 16, 2009

Do you think....

that the script for the new Wolverine movie explicitly states that the young Cyclops should look like Andrew Eldritch circa 1987? Not that the actor, Tim Pocock, has Eldritch's ow-I-just-sliced-my-finger-off-on-your-face cheekbones, but who does? Look at them side by side though, and tell me they didn't do this intentionally. Or did everyone look like this in 1987 and I was just two young to notice?

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  1. Actually, I think there's an old issue of The Uncanny X-Men in which Scott Summers attempts to visit the orphanage in Omaha where he grew up only to be ambushed by D'Spayre, who sends him through time and space to Leeds, 1979, where he eventually met Gary Marx and started started the Sisters of Mercy. In order to prevent some sort of problem with the space time continuum, Scott dons a false name and, when he eventually figures out how to return to his own time, actually psychically projects his alternate self back in to the 1980s continuity so that Andrew Eldritch didn't just cease to exist.

    At least that's how I remember it. I might be off by a bit.