Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

A tasty, healthy vegetarian recipe is what's on tap for today. The recipe is tofu tacos, and they're what we have for lunch pretty much every day. A few years ago, both K and I went on NutriSystem to take off the pudge we had put on traveling around the country and eating local delicacies. It worked very well, but the limited vegetarian menu kind of got to us. That and the processed nature of the food. So we worked out the nutritional guidelines and caloric counts of the meals and started following those guidelines when making our own meals. It has worked great and as long as we've been on it, we haven't yoyoed more than a few pound (okay, five when we went to Portugal and tossed reason out the window!) This lunch is about 175 calories and super yummy.

For each person you need:
One corn tortilla - Trader Joe's has good ones; these are Don Pedros. They have 50 calories each.
Tsp Tomato paste - seasoned with whatever you like - I use oregano and cumin
Tbs of refried beans - the ones here are black refried beans
3 oz slab of super firm tofu - I use Trader Joe's high protein tofu for these - 100 calories per 3 oz
Tsp of jarred garlic

To start, spray a pan with a little cooking spray and get the garlic going in the pan over medium high heat. Cut the slab of tofu in half and put it on top of the garlic.

While that browns, slather the tomato paste onto your tortilla, then put the beans on top of that.
I realize this look unappetizing in the extreme.
When the tofu has browned on one side, flip it and put the slathered tortillas next to the tofu on the pan. A minute or two later and you can put the tofu in the tortilla, fold it in half and have a yummy meal.I think it takes five minutes start to finish. Super yummy!

Have a great day!

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  1. As the sole non-chef consumer of these tacos, I would like to fully endorse their super-yumminess and recommend that they not be eaten over computer keyboards or other electronics. In fact, one might say that a plate should be used.