Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Temptations

I have some lovely things for you today! Before we get to them, I have to share my excitement at our impending huge purchase. We're going to be upgrading our rig to a Class A motorhome before the end of the week (if all goes well!) I can't wait! I love our little trailer and we've been in it for the past three years, but now that it's clear our full time lifestyle is more than a passing fancy, it's time to go slightly bigger so we stop having nervous breakdowns due to the lack of space (current count: K-3; me-2.) I'll no doubt post a ton of photos when we get it, so be forewarned!

Onto the main event!

I have the work of two artists today.

First up: A gorgeous pillow from Mireio. This pillow features a vintage Burmese flag and other vintage fabrics. I simply love the peacock on the front of this, and I wish I could smell the lavender inside! Mireio has tons of lovely items in her shop - it's a nice shop to virtually poke around in.

Next is this very cool painting by Maria Kitano:I feel very unqualified to discuss painting, but this really grabs me. The bright orange is so striking and the little crack so intriguing that I just can't help but look at it, even on a computer screen. Maria's DaWanda shop had a great variety of artwork, including ACEOs and other very affordable works. Definitely worth checking out.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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